What we can offer

  • Office 365 group
    • Groups are a great way for teams to collaborate by giving them a group email and a shared workspace for conversations, files, and calendar events.
  • Distribution list
    • Send email to all members of the list. You can even allow people outside your organization send email to a list.
  • Shared mailbox
    • Allow multiple users to access one shared email account.

What we need to know

  • Who will be the owner of the group or email that will be managing it
  • Which type of group are we creating from the above list
  • What name (example: Chapter Presidents of LDBD) and alias (example: chapterpresidents@ldbd.veym.net) would you like for the group?

Top level groups such as headquarters@veym.net is reserved for National activities. League and Chapters will be given an alias such as chapterpresidents@ldns.veym.net.

Please open a support ticket or email support@veym.net with the information above so we can process your request.