Your VEYM account comes with access to free web conferencing via Skype for Business or Teams. Both have similar capabilities including video conferencing, desktop screen sharing, file sharing, and chatting. You can choose the one that is more familiar or suited for your needs. Follow the instructions below to schedule a meeting and send out an invite to your participants.

  1. Go to and sign in using your VEYM account.
  2. At the bottom left corner, click on the Calendar icon or go to for direct access.
  3. Click on the date you want to schedule the meeting.
  4. Click More options to expand the meeting details.
  5. Select your meeting details such as date, time, description, etc.
  6. Next to the location field, you will see Add online meeting. Click on that.
  7. Select Teams meeting or Skype meeting.
  8. Don't forget to add your attendees.
  9. Click Send. Your attendees will automatically get a calendar invite and with the Teams or Skype meeting details, and dial-in number if enabled (see below for information).

Within Microsoft Teams, you can actually schedule a meeting and send invites straight from the application.

Be sure to download the Skype for Business or Teams application on your desktop/laptop or mobile device. By default, audio must be used through the application (i.e. no telephone dial-in number) via a microphone and speaker which most laptops and mobile device already have. A dial-in number is available for purchase for your VEYM account. You can purchase it on the VEYM Store. Please submit a support ticket or email for further assistance.